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Lots of salesmen like to talk. We put our money where our mouth and our life is. As a young pilot, AGS-owner Kameron Gradert values safety as a top priority. Take a look at the pictures below to see his own Dromader equipped with Ag Nav equipment. Ag Nav didn't pay Kam to say this, nor did they give him the equipment for free. Before becoming a certified dealer, Kam paid for Ag Nav equipment out of pocket simply because it provided precision for his applications and safety for himself. As an operator/business owner, Kameron also realizes that new isn't always an option. AGS also has several used systems available in other popular brands as well! This is your One Stop GPS Shop!

AGS is a certified Ag Nav dealer. We handle the entire Ag Nav line including the Silver, Gold, & Platinum Guia guidance systems!


Can't afford new? No Problem! We have a wide variety of used systems on hand that will fit your needs! From basic entry-level guidance to complex moving map systems. Call today or check our current inventory online!

Along with full guidance systems, we handle any accessory or component you might need. Flow Controls, Auto On/Offs, and individual parts such as lightbars are all available!

We are able to handle minor repairs in house. If we are unable to do the repair, we have several partner companies available in order to ensure timely repair.

In our industry, there is no room for downtime. We have several loaner units in stock ready to keep you running while your equipment gets repaired!

We are able to offer top dollar on your old systems trade-in. Prefer cash outright? No problem! AGS is always looking to add to our used inventory. 

Ag Nav Platinum System
AgFlow Flow-Controller
External Bright Bar
Auto On/Off Three-Way Valve
Good Looking' Cockpit!
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