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Farm-Grown Honesty

Before he got his wings, Kameron Gradert was a farmboy from northwest Iowa learning the values of hard work and honesty. Kam took those values with him in the air as co-owner and aerial applicator for Crop Dusters LLC, where he has accrued thousands of hours in Air Tractors, Thrushes, and, now, in his trademark lime green M-18A Dromader.

As a young pilot with a family, Kam takes his safety seriously. Even before becoming a certified Ag Nav dealer, Kam turned in his old system and paid out-of-pocket to equip his Drom with a full Ag Nav guidance system.

Why spend the extra money with other bills to pay? Simple: Ag Nav provides you with the precision and reliability you need when it comes aerial appication and -- more importantly -- pilot safety. In our industry, downtime is not an option. Reliable GPS equipment is a must, and every component of your new Ag Nav system is tested as a complete setup before it is shipped to your door.

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